May 22

58% increase in power transmission capacity of UP in past three years

AGRA: If power situation has seen a marked improvement in the past two years, it is because of relentless effort of the state government to fulfill its promise to provide 22-hour supply to rural areas and 24-hour supply to urban centres. Its effort to strengthen the power supply infrastructure in all 75 districts has resulted in 58%increase in total power transmission capacity in the past three years. In the same period, the total transfer transfer capacity has seen a jump of over 95%.

Ahead of the peak summers, the Uttar Pradesh Power Transfer Corporation Limited (UPPTCL) has managed to achieve 12,850 mw megawatt total transfer capability (TTC) of electricity. This is 2,150 mw higher than last year and almost double as compared to 6660 mw 2016. Northern Regional Load Dispatch Center (NRLDC), Delhi has approved the increased capacity of transmission in UP.

After coming to power in 2017, improving the power situation was among its top priorities. The party had promised to ensure every household in the state has an electricity connection and access to 24-hour supply. For this, the transmission capacity of the state was enhanced on the war footing.

Talking to TOI, UPPTCL MD Senthil Pandian said, “In the past three years, the transmission capacity has been increased by 8900 mw. Following planned efforts to strengthen the transmission network, 12,850 TTC has been achieved”.

“Now, the state will not have to suffer a situation of power crisis in any case. This year, we have addressed maximum demand of 20,800 mw so far. Last year, the peak load was recorded around 21,000 mw. Now we have managed to achieve transmission capacity of 24,000 mw”.

State power minister Shrikant Sharma has directed the UPPTCL to complete pending works related to construction of substations, laying transmission lines and other works related to up-gradation of power supply infrastructure in time bound manner. The minister has set target to increase the power transmission capacity up to 30,000 mw by 2024.

According to UPPTCL officials, TTC is the amount of electric power that can be moved or transferred reliably from one area to another area of the interconnected transmission systems. Basically, it is the capacity of the transmission infrastructure to accept power supply from external production centers and transfer it to the substations to fulfill the requirement of distribution companies.

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