June 10

CII says govt must hold industry consultations before finalizing Electric Vehicle plan

New Delhi: The Confederation of India Industry (CII) today said the government must hold multi-stakeholder consultations across the value chain with a special focus on affordability of consumers as India embarks on one of its strategic goals of transportation transition driven by energy choices. CII advocates a three-pronged strategy to make this transformational shift in transportation.

“Constructive Disruptions driven by market forces coupled with enabling policies is the kernel of any innovation and we are hopeful that the same is adopted as India readies itself for the advent of new technologies in mobility including electric vehicles,” said Vikram Kirloskar, President, CII. The government has just announced a Mission on Transformation Mobility and Transmission to be led by NITI Aayog.

The industry chamber said it has engaged with stakeholders from interlinked industries like renewables electricity and power, battery makers and auto manufacturers to create recommendations that will help the country achieve its goals of lowering emissions and conform to commitments on climate change.

The first strategy should be to set the right goal that should be seen from the macro perspective of carbon footprint and energy security, CII said in a statement, adding it applauds the government for its bold targets set in the past like the goal to set up 175 GW in renewables by 2022.

CII also urged the government to be technology-agnostic in its approach as the transportation sector, like any new industry segment, is witnessing huge and transformative innovations both in vehicles and batteries.

The final strategy for making the transformative mobility mission effective must revolve around affordability of customers which will depend on market forces, the chamber said. 

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