December 03

Coal India ranks 8th on world's top 20 carbon emitters

New Delhi: Coal India has been ranked eighth on the list of top 20 companies responsible for global carbon emissions from 1965-2017, according to a recent dataset released by US-based Climate Accountability Institute.

State-owned Saudi Aramco tops the list with 59,262 million metric tonnes carbon emissions (MtCO2e) since 1965, which is more than six times China’s emissions in 2017 alone

Aramco is followed by United States’ Chevron with 43,345 MtCO2e at second position and Russia’s Gazprom ranking third with 43,230 MtCO2e. Here is the full list: 1. Saudi Aramco 2. Chevron 3. Gazprom 4. Exxon Mobil 5. National Iranian Oil Co 6. BP 7. Royal Dutch Shell 8. Coal India 9. Pemex 10. Petroleus de Venezuela 11. PetroChina 12. Peabody Energy 13. ConocoPhillips 14. Abu Dhabi National Oil Co 15. Kuwait Petroleum 16. Iraq National Oil Co 17. Total 18. Sonatrach 19. BHP Billiton 20. Petrobras

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