July 10

Coal India to roll out business blueprint for ERP

KOLKATA: Coal India is streamlining a business blueprint for implementation of Phase I of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) - christened ‘Project Passion’. This is being pursued under the 100 days programme.

The business blueprint is awaiting board for its clearance. Once the board clears the decks the blueprint will become a standard operating procedure at Coal India and all its subsidiaries covering seven modules under ERP. These modules include production & planning, marketing & sales, plant maintenance, materials management including goods, works & services; finance & control, HR and project monitoring.

Last year, CIL’s board green flagged the implementation of ERP in two phases. Phase I of the ERP implementation is being taken up in Mahanadi Coalfields, Western Coalfields, Coal India and North Eastern Coalfields and is expected to go live in September 2020. This includes integrating 21 major hospitals with the ERP through implementation of hospital management system.

For implementation of Phase I, CIL joined hands with Tech Mahindra. Phase II will be rolled out subsequently covering the rest of six subsidiaries of CIL by floating a separate tender and its implementation will start once Phase I goes live.

The ERP is in line with the Five Year Vision Document of Ministry of Coal. The project activities like project preparation, commissioning of CIL ERP Centre, setting up of development and training environment on rental cloud structure, core team training for blue printing engagement of SAP consultants for blueprinting and audit are ticking on time.

The IT Initiatives and implementations of CIL include e-platforms, web applications, IT work domains, digitization and importantly surveillance and monitoring.


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