December 14

Karnataka awards solar power projects of 80 Mw capacity to Tepsol

New Delhi: The Karnataka government has awarded solar power projects of 80 MW capacity to TEPSOL Projects, a joint venture between Think Energy and EverStream Capital.

This takes the firm's Karnataka portfolio to over 176 MW including 1 MW of rooftop projects spread across seven locations, the firm said in a press release. The company said it is also developing 200 MW of solar projects in Maharashtra including 5 MW of rooftop projects spread across multiple locations. 

Company MD Ravishankar Tumuluri said his firm is participating in the delivery of competitive solar photo-voltaic solutions to clients in the commercial and industrial space.

"Although our portfolio is skewed in favour of large solar parks, we are looking to accelerate our pace in solution-based grid connected and off grid installation both with government and private consumers," said Paul Huelskamp, director at EverStream Capital.

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