May 08

Ministry held session for stakeholders in renewable energy industry

Bengaluru: The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) today held a brainstorming session for all stakeholders in the renewable energy industry. 

Major challenges faced by the industry were deliberated upon at the day long meet. "We discussed a lot of land problems like land use -- the challenges faced from converting it from agriculture to other uses -- there's a lot of delay during that process. There is also the problem of land ceiling. To acquire land above a certain limit, it requires approval of the state cabinet which takes a lot of time," said Anand Kumar, Secretary, MNRE. 

Presentations were made by CEOs on topics such as regulatory hurdles, energy storage, transmission constraints and low cost and long term funding among others.

Ceiling tariff which has been a recent bone of contention between the ministry and developers was brought up. MNRE has been setting a ceiling tariff for its wind and solar tenders which developers often feel is too low. "Removal of the ceiling tariff was the demand of the industry," said Kumar. "Our feeling is that we should get a fair price," he said. 

This 'chintan baithak' was the first of its kind organised by MNRE. 

"It was a very collaborative session, issues were discussed in a transparent manner. Based on our inputs MNRE will finalise its plan of action for the first hundred days of the new government," said Manoj Kohli, executive chairman of SB Energy, a SoftBank Group company. 

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