December 16

Societies under Pradhanmatri Aawas Yojna all set to go green

RAJKOT: The housing societies built for the people of lower income group under the Pradhanmatri Aawas Yojna (PAY) are all set to go green. The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) on Saturday begun a pilot project with installation of solar-wind hybrid windmills at one of projects on the Sant Kabir road, know as Smart Ghar B Scheme.

One such solar-wind hybrid windmills can generate power up to 1.2 KW, which will be utilized for common utilities of the housing society. This hybrid system can generate both wind and solar power.

According to RMC, this windmills five meter tall have been installed on the terrace of one of the seven towers of Smart Ghar B Scheme. It has four batteries to store power for 24 hours. If the operational at 100 per cent capacity, the hybrid system will generate 10,000 units of electricity per month that can power at least 35 street lights of 40 watt each.

RMC commissioner Udit Agrawal said “The green power will be used for common facilities like street light and water works. If it is successful we will install similar hybrid systems in other towers also.”

Rajkot city engineer Alpna Mitra said, “Currently the power generated is off-grid and is stored using batteries. Gradually we plant to connect it to the power grid of PGVCL so that we can get rid of batteries and sell the extra electricity to discoms.”

RMC officials said that this arrangement will also ease the burden of society maintenance on the members.

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