December 09

Temple in Gujarat switches to solar power, uses saved money to fund college

Surat: In a bid to save on electricity usage, the management of Badrinarayan temple in Gujarat's Surat district has switched to using solar power for managing shrine's energy consumption and are utilising the money thus saved to promote education in the region. Temple's trustee Praveen Chandra said that the electricity bill used to be very high, so they switched to solar power.

"The motive behind this was to save money. The bill has dropped from Rs 1.5-2 Lakh per month to Rs 10-12,000 per month. With the money that is saved every month, the shrine started a college and a school for Sanskrit," Chandra said.

The trustee said that fifty-kilowatt capacity solar panels have been installed on the terrace of the temple with an expense of Rs 25 Lakh.

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