April 10

Charging hiccup- Private stations cant sell electricity

BENGALURU: While the Centre is increasingly pushing for e-mobility, there’s no clarity on the retail sale of power to electric vehicles. Bescom officials said the Electricity Act 2003 allows only Discoms (distribution companies) to sell electricity. This means only Bescom can set up public charging stations in the city. 

“Charging of electric vehicles at a public station is considered resale of electricity. The Electricity Act allows only distribution companies to sell electricity,” said a senior Bescom official.

“We are waiting for the Centre to amend the Electricity Act to allow private charging station operators to sell power for e-vehicles. The emobility plan will not be effective if we don’t allow apartment owners or companies to set up charging stations on their premises,” said a senior Bescom official.

“We will have to fix a tariff and need to monitor public charging stations. The Central Electricity Authority is expected to take a decision shortly,” he added.

The Electricity Act, however, doesn’t prevent use of electricity generated outside the grid for charging e-vehicles. Currently, most vehicle owners are using charging stations at public places or power from the main grid at their residence.

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