smart metering is to create an unprecedented new platform for innovation in energy data – 53 million smart electricity and gas meters will be installed by energy suppliers in homes and small businesses by the end of 2020.each storing a consumer’s consumption and tariff information. This platform will support the development of a wide range of new technologies and services as well as empowering consumers to take energy saving measures, enabling customers to switch energy provider more smoothly and ending estimated bills. smart meters is expected to transform the energy services and electronic measurement devices used by utilities to communicate information for billing customers and operating their electric systems.

Metering Services operations in utilities have traditionally been tasked with providing customer billing measurement and have been responsible for accuracy, precision, and robust operations of the meters and support devices. Using a national system of standards, formal quality processes, utility best practices, and a dedicated sense of purpose, utility metering professionals have strived to produce the best system for billing utility customers in the global electric industry. In joint partnership with meter and communications manufacturers, they have driven the development of electronic metering and metering communications to deliver the top notch Smart Metering Systems available in the marketplace today.


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